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Play is the Language of Children

Play is considered by therapists to be the natural language of children. All therapists strive to "meet the client where they're at" and for children that means joining them in their play. Children experience the same array of emotions that adults do. However, they do not have the same ability to use spoken language to communicate their experiences and receive new ideas. By communicating through play, therapists can listen and speak with kids in a way they understand.

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Play is the Work of Childhood

Renowned educator, Maria Montessori, described play as the work of childhood. While playing, children build skills that they need to be healthy adults. During play, children have the freedom to explore their internal world, explore  how they relate to other people, overcome their anxieties and build confidence in themselves. They can practice creative thinking, problem solving, and self-soothing during play. 

Play with Teens

Older kids also benefit from play. Although teens are much more able to use their words than younger children, that doesn't mean that they always want to. Using games, art, movement and other non-verbal interventions in therapy, takes some of the pressure off the therapy experience for teens. Research has also shown that people of all ages learn better when their minds and body are working together. Putting a teen's hands to work during therapy can allow them to think more clearly and connect more deeply with their emotions.

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What does the Therapist Do?

During a play-based therapy session, my job is to help the child make sense of what they are communicating and to support them in managing big emotions that come up. I do this by showing them that I'm interested in their play, teaching them about the feelings they show me, and teaching them new skills to manage tough situations that they run into in their lives. 


I then take all that information that I gather from your child and brainstorm, with you, new ways to support them!

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"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning" 

Diane Ackerman

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